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311213 医学实验室技术员

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ANZSCO 311213 医学实验室技术员 Medical Laboratory Technician - immicn

311213 医学实验室技术员职业描述 Job description - immicn

Performs routine medical laboratory tests and operates diagnostic laboratory equipment under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pathologists. Registration or licensing may be required. Previously referred to in ASCO as: 3111-11 Medical Laboratory Technical Officer.

311213 医学实验室技术员职位别名 - immicn

311213 医学实验室技术官员 Medical Laboratory Technical Officer

311213 医学实验室技术员技术等级 Skill level - immicn

医学实验室技术员的技能等级为2(ANZSCO Skill Level 2)。

311213 医学实验室技术员所属职业列表 - immicn

CSOL - 澳洲CSOL职业列表 Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - immicn

311213 医学实验室技术员澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - immicn

AIMS - 澳大利亚医学科学家评估 Australian Institute of Medical Scientists:雅思考试总分7.0或以上(A类G类都可以,雅思成绩有效期两年),如果符合请提供你的研究生专业的医学实验室工作经验(审核你的工作年限)。

AIMS: A valid IELTS report form showing an overall band score of 7.0 or better (Academic or General). AIMS considers an IELTS report to be current for three years from the date of issue. Please provide evidence of your postgraduate diagnostic laboratory professional work experience( which state verification of your dates of employment)if applicable.

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